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Dog Non Stinky Trial Pack + Ear Drops



Our Non Stinky Trial pack provides you with everything you need to try Non Stinky as an intensive shampoo, soothing massage rub and a food supplement too!

Plus our Soothing Ear Drops which are gentle enough to be used on the internal ear. The Stinky Stuff Ear Drops are a great way to soothe itchy, irritated ears and repel mites, ticks and all nuisance insects.

150ml Non Stinky

100ml Shampoo Base

50ml Soothing Ear Drops


“It worked wonders on Wilson great stuff”

Jennifer Aldridge

“Bought non stinky trial with shampoo base for my extremely itchy Tibetan spaniel, been using as a food supplement for less than a week AMAZING after two doses non stop biting stopped and I now have a much happier girl thank you xx”

Katie Wardale

“I can honestly say this stuff is amazing. Other products made no difference. Bought this as a last resort and the difference in my dogs skin after just a few hours was amazing. Cannot recommend highly enough xxx”

Karen Crowe

“Thanks stinky stuff I can’t believe how good it is we brought a trial pack. Years of with bad skin and ears for our terrier. He’s loads happier thanks”

Denise Reason