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Dog Non Stinky Trial Pack

Non Stinky has remarkable results but don’t take our word for it – give it a try for yourself!

Our Non Stinky trial pack provides you with everything you need to try Non Stinky as an intensive shampoo, soothing massage rub, and, a food supplement too!

For instructions on how to use Non Stinky as a shampoo wash, massage rub, and food supplement please see our help guide.

150ml Non Stinky
100ml Shampoo Base


“I’m so impressed with your non stinky stuff !
I have a 9yr old Rottweiler who has various itches and irritated skin for yrs , nothing has ever worked and he was always biting himself , we have used non stinky as a shampoo and in his food for 3 days and hes like a different dog! We always used the ear drops as he also scratched his ears a lot and he hasn’t scratched them.since ?”

Sarah Bellringer