Non Stinky 500ml

Nutritious food supplement to soothe irritated skin, promote hair regrowth and support condition and well-being


UK’s Best Selling food supplement for all animals with itchy skin

Non Stinky is an excellent feed supplement to help animals with dry, itchy, irritated and sensitive skin.

Add Non Stinky to the food daily to provide the all-important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, plus biotin and Vitamin E and condition the coat and skin. Plus adding Non Stinky to the feed daily is great for the animal’s general wellbeing.

Plus adding Non Stinky to your animal’s feed daily:

1 – soothes the itchy skin.

2 – keeps the animal feeling comfortable on the inside

3 – the benefits will show on the outside with a shiny radiant coat, skin, mane & tail!

500ml Non Stinky.

Weight 0.52 kg

How to use.

To use Non Stinky as a feed supplement simply add the recommend amount into the food once each day.

For large animals such as horses and cattle we recommend 20ml (4 level teaspoons) once each day.

For medium animals such as goats and sheep we recommend 10ml (2 level teaspoons) once each day.

For small animals such as rabbits we recommend 1-2ml (1/4 level teaspoon) once each day.

If your animal has any underlying medical conditions, is on a special diet or taking any medication always consult your vet before using it as a feed supplement.


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