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Dog Paw Stuff

Paw Stuff is a 100% natural paw protection balm, made with the highest quality naturally active ingredients.

Paw Stuff provides reliable protection against wet and muddy conditions, snow and ice, road salt and grit in winter – and against grass, pollen, mites etc in summer.

– Natural protection from grit & ice.
– Prevents burns on delicate paws and pads

Instructions:  Thoroughly massage a light coverage into the paws and pads, ensuring that it is well absorbed. Less is more with Paw Stuff and there should be no product build up on the skin. Apply to paw pads for protection before walks

250ml Paw Stuff


” I got this for my dog and over the moon with the results her blistered feet are now cleared up x”

Clare Ann Williams

Paw Stuff by StinkStuff….good stuff! I would definitely recommend it. It came highly recommended to me by people I trust and know a lot about animal health.”

Charlotte Winter

“Used on my very fluffy pawed cockerpoo yesterday in deep snow. Usually we end up having to cut our walk short due to impacted snow. Yesterday his paws were completely clear after a good 45 minutes. It was amazing. Thank you from a very happy doggy and owner.”

Zoe Millar

” I already repeated the purchase 3 times, it’s great and Oscar loves it.
And he smells gorgeous”

Carlos De Oliveira